I agree that we all play a part in the system we’ve created, one way or another, and we can be complicit with it in the most unconscious and unwitting ways, especially when suddenly thrust into that position. I don’t know all the details, but I was in Philly during the MOVE events, and I assure you, the Rizzo police force/mayoral administration would be quite capable of framing someone for murder. I would pretty much guarantee that “commonly accepted knowledge” about Mumia Abu Jamal and the MOVE incident(s) are quite significant distortions of reality. “Alternative medicine” is, generally speaking, a form of quackery, except in psychiatry’s case, where what’s offered as mainstream treatment is quackery. The amount of death and wreckage (addiction, chronicity, ruined physical health) caused by the drugs demands such alternatives, in my humble opinion. Tabletop (flames of war) (Sockme******), Calling all flames of war fans: early war blitzkreig battles will be fought at totalcon 25. brought to you by adler hobby of nh. The team of journalists track the scandal from corrupt priest to corrupt politician to corrupt judge, at each step finding cover-up and denial in a broad web of complicity. In general I don’t believe answers to the collective problems we face will be found via millions of people participating in individual counseling, even if it is “socially aware.” Such alienated interactions may, and sometimes do, help some individuals sort their issues out in a way that frees up their energy and ability to join everyone else in displacing the system that created these personal traumas in the first place, and constructing a new paradigm which serves human needs and interests. Whether or not being considered a “client” represents an elevation or reduction of social status (I think it is obviously the latter) the fact remains that the opinions and perspectives of the women involved are apparently not considered relevant, as they are not even mentioned indirectly or in passing. And while people can attempt to develop the sorts of communal attitudes which would accompany a revolutionary society, until the material reality supports this we will be confined to a primarily individualist, nuclear family oriented social structure which is oppressive by nature, at least at this point in history. I had known this friend for a few months but didn’t realize the connection. I just don’t see any virtue, nor power for that matter, in this neutering of the subjects of the therapeutic state. It seems to be growing out of a new kind of anarchism combined with a new kind of pacifism in response to climate change and everything that goes with it. You make such good points, Rachel, and so succinctly. I don’t think this “Breggin vs. Will” comparison is apt or relevant. (TheFrost*******), Tonight we have Resident Evil Deck Building and Chess League. I thought that Abu-Jamal was widely heralded for justifiable homicide in response to racist police violence rather than for mistaken identity; I will investigate further. These traps are the ingredients of suffering and madness for all of us. I hear what you say about material reality. I chose someone younger and more vulnerable than me and I felt safer and more free that my power wouldn’t be threatened. Or the local mental health, or whatever psychiatrist they find in the “phone book”.So I am pro things like Soteria houses to help people get off the drugs, pro macro nutrients if that helps people get off or not get on drugs in the first place, pro Open Dialogue (I think …sounds good, anyway), pro the Voices groups (I think; no personal knowledge), pro art therapy, you name it….Just not coercive and no drugs. Then they expect you to ‘pick a career’ (AresWar*******), We claim to be "good". If one is going to blow the whistle on anything, I’d want it to be on something more important than some minor sexual indiscretion or other.” Sex is USUALLY a sensitive issue EXCEPT between a therapist and a client wherein I believe that it should be criminal- a breach of fiduciary duty. Like oldhead, I also have had friends who are strong, proud feminists who have chosen to provide sexual services of various sorts for money. It's then I am Just having it brought up in such a public way could be very triggering for her, too. Though it was just an unfair grade, if I had spoken up it might have formed one part of a counterforce to his behavior. Thus, you are more raggedy and utterly human, which is, I believe, the path that anyone in the mental health profession needs to walk and help from: raggedy and utterly human. (Peter*****), Don't forget, tonight is Flames of War, Boardgames, maybe even some Warhammer & 40K! Down the streets right through the city I'll go everywhere you go From Chicago to the coast You tell me, "Hit this and let's go. what happened, Tom?” cried Ned, as the young inventor guided his craft about in a big circle to come back again over the tree. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Freudian_Coverup, “I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire…”. It’s different in the way they organise themselves and just getting started. If no consent was given by the women in Will Hall’s story he needs to review whatever he learnt about confidentiality and respecting people who he comes into contact with in self help groups and therapy situations and get some advice on how to write about those situations in a way that respects people’s confidentiality, especially if he thinks he may have abused his power in such situation. it is so sick it does need to go down… drugs -continue to grieve, as do I. “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” ___Albert Einstein, https://drvee.wordpress.com/2012/11/26/10-things-einstein-probably-didnt-say/. Which is easier to do off drugs. We all do it. It’s an insidious dynamic, and I have even caught myself doing it sometimes (and I am thankful to people who have spoken up to me against this). They must have deemed him rehabilitated and remorseful and worth protecting from scrutiny, but here I had clear evidence that he wasn’t. So we as a society have built walled camps of righteousness against the bad Other, hiding our own shadow as we attack the shadow of those we see as lesser. I was mainly trying to avoid another long tit for tat. Shrinks are good at hiding stuff, they pretend they have no issues, and maybe they don’t because I will see you, through the smoke and flame, on the front lines of war. And I was afraid the end result would be losing some standing in the school. I don’t know to what island the “lover” has been exiled, in your book, but apparently, you and I are not going there, are we, Richard? I pity him and hope he can get over his issues. If one of my counselors/therapists had been sexual with me (before the last 6 years, anyway), I would have let it happen and then suffered horrendously because of it, probably for years. Obviously little turtle finds something here valuable, so he shouldn’t be encouraged to leave because someone has a problem with others. Yes, I think she’s far more qualified than I to continue this line of inquiry. (Pra***), Tonight we will have some great events! Ding! It’s hard to keep a cool head under these circumstances. Even if he was talking about therapists, he still has not addressed the fact that he seems to approve of (or not want to criticize) therapists sexually exploiting a “client.”. I haven’t read the comments about psychiatric child abuse. OH, you’re not the first survivor I heard compare “therapy” to prostitution. (Grhun****), Other Saturdays feature Heavy Gear, 40K, Flames of War, and so forth. The corruption I had run into started to fit with other hesitations about the Institute, and I had also seen before how poorly the Institute responded at times when challenged. Time is running short. Psychiatrists are by and large not therapists. I can’t agree with you completely, ebl. By no means do I consider myself a role model. Say what? Tell your internal “chain of command” the story; and tell law enforcement too. I have no doubt I’d agree if I had. Reading the article, I see you did something that no psychiatrist would ever do, Time will tell. And a movement worth struggling for. Sane McFeely what his excuse was since he claimed to be “mentally healthy.” Forcing folks like him to take a barrage of psych tests when caught in the Act would cut back on a lot of this crap. Looking forward to playing (Blight******), Usa flames of war update: seige of augusta, drive on the west wall 2010, games 2d4 1500pt late war imported into rankings. In our world of media poison and political slur, scapegoating and righteousness, it is very hard to imagine how to challenge a specific behavior without launching a broad attack on the badness of the Other. Do you actually believe our society is best ruled by psychopathic, “luciferian pedophiles,” since that’s where our society finds itself now, according to world leaders. I think it took courage to write this, and that it raises a vitally important issue for professionals, one which ultimately drove me away from the field: even if an individual can do good work with individuals, does participation in the system convey tacit approval of the “status quo” ideas of chemical imbalances, subjective pseudo-medical “diagnoses,” and paternalistic force applied to “noncompliant patients?”. It addresses the reality that the number one actual function of today’s “mental health” profession, both the psychologists and psychiatrists, and even the Jungians, whose non DSM belief system I do somewhat agree with, is totally corrupted by greed, power and paternalism, to the point of misogyny, and massive in scope rape cover ups. I don’t understand your fence sitting position, honestly. Definition of see through in the Idioms Dictionary. (Psychiatry as an institution however…. Can we imagine something new — not “calling someone out,” but. Is that really our concern? I believe Valium helps you feel better. (Ranki*****), The second day of the temple's grand opening weekend is upon us, and the store is already lively with warmachine and flames of war players. Jung commenced the spanky hanky-panky with Ms Spielrein while undertaking his experimental version of Freud’s techniques. what to play tonight? If I were you (and clearly I am not), I wouldn’t spend much time on these boards. If anything else at all, such as “Rethinking Psychiatry”, it’s way, way down on the list. It’s very courageous, and some of the commentss illustrate the severity of the crisis which the profession looks to be facing, Will Hall I appreciate the help you have given to countless people including me. I knew they were good people and I believed many or even most would take the side of supporting me standing up… but there was also that fear… I knew, from years of training both at the Process Work Institute and at the California Institute for Integral Studies, that the mentality to use labeling and diagnosis comes swiftly to skilled therapists and becomes reflexive in learning to defend themselves when challenged. This is all essential in order to create a safe place for someone to possibly get the help they need. I was immediately paralyzed with shame. It was a community scandal. The legal world is not easy either, but it can provide another perspective and one might just find a broad-minded and courageous attorney with insight and integrity. Most people seek redemption through private acts to protect themselves from criticism. (Dragon*****), Bought A Bridge Too Far boardgame by makers of Flames of War. I am really surprised that Oldhead and Frank would end up MINIMIZING the harm done by a therapist and/or doctor when they use their power differentials to selfishly sexually exploit a client. I was playing out some hurt or wound or pattern. It kicked off discussions about sexuality and power in my life. He felt free to use power with impunity to advance his personal interest and agenda, even to the point of hurting others, and he did. (Solaswa******), Mr. President that apology is totally in order and the proper thing to do - why should the flames of war be stroked? Malifaux tends to see more play on Sunday. Oldhead and others would say you should be able to take it without a prescription. I’m struggling to forgive those who damaged me with mind games, defaming me to my loved ones, and tricking me into dangerous addictive drugs I never would have taken if they’d been truthful. oldhead and steve want to know what are the good parts And when I started to see it more clearly this way, as about my own status and standing and selfishness, I realized I had made a choice I didn’t agree with. I simply don’t think the infantilization, de-humanization, and sub-humanization of the “mental patient” by legal and “mental health” authorities very helpful to achieving human rights for the human being in the “mental patient” role, and the loony bin trap. But it’s still a rape covering up system, which is illegal. When comments get hostile toward individuals or groups of PEOPLE, that’s when the moderator steps in. I was making it up. Taking responsibility for challenging the oppressor within is about caring for each other now and creating something better for the future. But I disagree. I agree Kindredspirit. We should never accept responsibility for this because it only COVERS UP AND PLACES A VAIL OVER THE VERY FACT THAT WE LIVE IN A CLASS SOCIETY. History is written by the victors, as they say. The Institute counts itself as a caring place, and I’ve seen a great deal of healing there, and Jungians might wrap it all in a more sophisticated language, but the message is clear: 13 years earlier I had been called out — deservedly — for dating another activist in our advocacy and support group. I disagree unless your client is a minor. I don’t believe you e been disparaged. But two of them did seem to use me for emotional support in nonsexual ways. Thank you for speaking your truth with such power and conviction. My professor (I started college two years early) wrote in red pen next to my “B” grade that the paper was indeed impressive, but he disagreed with my political views expressed, thus the lower grade. This is not in any way to disparage the views strongly held here (many of which I share, having had two family members killed by psychiatry) but there seems to be little oxygen in the discussion for much else than getting rid of psychiatry; little room for ways to get there, little room for how to educate, or give a hand up, to those who have no knowledge of alternative ways of healing, little nuance at all. Oh if it were only true. But years later, after I had left the school, my professor and my B grade behind, I learned how far his corruption had gone: the professor had a sexual relationship with one of his teenage students, had gotten her pregnant, and was fired from the school. I guess that makes me something of a dinosaur. prepare!! It’s uncouth of them, but that is their wont. It is, and has been the “factory farm – ness” of teachers doing this that I’ve tried to stop. We know this because he revealed to Freud in private correspondence what was going on and Freud was furious, this adding further to their inevitable parting of ways. I don’t see this as some matter that would be frowned on in a capitalist setting but smiled at in a socialist one. There are no white men amongst my icons! Not only does a shrink or counselor have substantial power the consumed lacks, but by virtue of psychiatric labels the victim is stripped of all credibility and has no voice that an employee would have if an employer sexually harassed her. And maybe prosecution for those responsible. Carl Gustav Jung, if you’ve seen the movie A Dangerous Method (2011) is known for having had a relationship with one of his patients, or former patients, and a future psychoanalyst herself, Sabina Spielrein, but perhaps it was actually after the professional relationship had dissolved that the intimate one began. I consider Jung and Process Work to be a valuable approach, with much more to offer than most other therapy approaches I have looked into. Will Hall is a therapist, mental health trainer, schizophrenia diagnosis survivor, and host of, In the kitchen playing Jenga, in the wild coincidence of sitting there with the son of two Process Work faculty I knew and had studied with, something was shaken inside of me. You can't begin to understand. Memories of the bullying held me back, and I opted not for what’s right but for what I thought was my self interest. I got a “B” on it — and my first lesson in the misuse of authority, and becoming complicit with corruption in the world. Once, when working in an immigrant school, this sweet little boy who had light in his eyes got put on them and the light went out. Psychiatry is a means of social control, not helping people. Psychiatry is not a “set of human relationships,” it is a tool to enforce the domination of one class of people over another (there aren’t that many different ways to say this). I think that is a legitimate argument. In the case Will talked about it wasn’t just the inappropriate sex. Oldhead said: ” So far be it for me to go the route of branding women who choose to get by like this as automatically embracing internalized misogyny.”. So anyway, just wondering — have you personally reached the full-fledged anti-psychiatry stage or do you still believe it can be reformed? It’s the NAMI and standard pharma-based stuff that pops up first. should I get Starcraft 2, Arma 2, Mafia 2 or the Blitzkrieg early war flames … L. wanted to help her beloved sister–not kill her. I won’t be responding to his future posts. Not quite as sexy but certainly the quote is a world apart from the polticial writings of Ghandhi, who would never have advocated for the individualism that the misquote promotes. Those who genuinely choose to do this is a different issue, but let’s be honest, the vast majority of prostitutes are not in it because they think it’s a fun way to make a few extra bucks. A corrupt world is built brick by brick by such individual acts of shame and silence. I watched blue table paintings overview of Flames of war. This statement ignores the fact that professionals such as therapists and doctors have a specific code of ethics and consequences for violating them. https://www.nimh.nih.gov/about/directors/thomas-insel/blog/2013/transforming-diagnosis.shtml, https://www.alternet.org/story/146659/are_prozac_and_other_psychiatric_drugs_causing_the_astonishing_rise_of_mental_illness_in_america, https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/your-child-does-not-have-bipolar-disorder/201402/dsm-5-and-child-neglect-and-abuse-1, Jennifer Maria Padron, MEd, CPS, PhDc Public Health, https://www.amnesty.org/download/Documents/136000/amr510012000en.pdf, https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/jul/30/intoxicating-freedom-gripping-fear-mumia-abu-jamal-on-life-as-a-black-panther. It’s a subject that deserves more analysis for sure. They might instead start to look at all this more clearly, to recognize that even a deep command of sophisticated psychological theory can’t eradicate the fact that we all have shadows, we all have blind spots, we are all in this complicity and corruption together. We can all open to our power to contribute to justice. Please don’t ever do that to me, it’s a very dismissive comment based on a few details you may have gleaned about my experience. We are in this movement together, but at times we lose the bigger vision. And if “friends” desert you because of an intellectual disagreement they are not friends either. Yeah, the option is to treat the kid like a human being. But this is how we all grow, and how truth is eventually arrived at somewhere down the road. I’m a big fan of Carl Jung and remain so, despite what I learnt from comments here. Psychiatry causes enormous levels of social harm. However it’s right for me to escape abusive situations whenever possible. I also understand why Steve played devil’s advocate and I follow his logic, but I am with Oldhead that it’s time for real change, and people in positions of authority like teachers such as yourself are on the front lines of that change. I point out what’s in front of me, but not in hopes of “improving” an untenable situation. If I seem impatient as to how to defeat the enemy, it is because there are already two gone (killed by psychiatry’s “ministrations”) in my immediate family and I’ve about exhausted myself from my own efforts in the “fight”. Like my school professor, he had dumped one of his secrets on me and pulled me into his corruption. We should all just keep our heads down, stay silent, cash our paychecks and enjoy our reputations. There are few places where survivors of the psychiatric system are welcome to express their experiences. With my apology. I realized that, The Director had put all this clinical power on display when he dismissed the woman he violated as “borderline.” Seen through the label, she wasn’t acting on the side of truth when she spoke up and got him to lose his license, she was exposing a symptom of her personality disorder. Maybe things are different now in that almost everyone knows we need to grow food locally, learn how to fix and make essential items, re-learn old skills, build communities, etc,… LSD was not responsible for anything except perhaps accentuating the situation, and helping me see through the veneer. He sincerely tries to help others rather than appear at “hearings” to lock people up. We don’t know that he “exploited” her. Anyway, I know you’re a “comrade,” and also get that you were trying to criticize unnecessary negativity in discussions among those who should be united. you do not want BIOLOGY to be swept away….I am not When I was 16 years old I wrote a paper for my political science class that was three times the length and involved far more research than the assignment required. It requires challenging the foundations of the problems of the current interpersonal mess that we’ve all been encultured with – all of us! It’s time to do away with it for good. We’re talking primarily about male behavior here, not “therapist” behavior; eliminating the “therapeutic” context would not solve the problem. It also reflects. Only with prostitution the power dynamics are reversed with the “john” calling all the shots. ), To continue with my original thought, I often see intra-survivor disputes on MIA and elsewhere as sparring matches between friends who are sharpening our intellectual skills for the “big fight.”. Therapists/counselors “take” money to “give” emotional support to “clients”; this obligates them to cease this business relationship before “taking” emotional support from “clients.”. I looked at my choices to date and have relationships with people younger than me. Lots of fun events! It was wrong for the school to hire a Director with this history and not tell anyone about it, and consider him rehabilitated when he clearly wasn’t. I had a lot of new factors in my life, and I didn’t go into a self-destructive crisis like I had so many times before, but I was at a loss. well I am going to speak up now… Now it seems like you’ve also said there are no longer referrals being made, that they trickled down to zero, but you don’t seem willing to make a blanket statement that you no longer refer kids for adhd treatment. My religion teaches hating people is wrong and I must forgive and love even those who wish me harm. I pursued a relationship I knew wouldn’t last, on my terms, based on her being more pliant to me as older and more established. “Bad trips” are not delusions, btw, they are based in reality. I wish they could leave but it’s difficult and dangerous too. Perpetrators are denigrated and victims elevated. Tomorrow is Flames of War and Pathfinder (GameNi******), Monday at Games and Stuff: Magic Dark Ascension League! Looks like you added a few more items to that list. Yes – important to sharpen one’s skills for the “big fight”. The hospital never contacted her, instead inviting my husband whom I had a protective order against, the man I was literally terrified of and whom I woke up to in the room. I think it takes a lot of integrity to be honest about what is happening and to be willing to wound your own reputation and depict yourself in an honest manner in the name of healing. They are completely different things, however interrelated. I understand why they choose to remain. @Steve — The other variable to consider is that constantly focusing on mopping up the damage takes energy away from dealing with the source of the problem in the first place, putting such into the realm of the “distant future” and looking at it as something that will “happen,” not something we do. I have over 5,000 comments in the MIA archives, maybe some of them will help. we have a new 1 in bill wilcox. Some relationships are a matter of two people taking advantage of each other. Oldhead commented above: “Littleturtle has always been a sympathetic participant and I don’t want them to get caught in the crossfire.”. There are various parts to play in a dysfunctional system. I feared I would be exposed and lose some standing for stepping out into the light with all this, and would now be seen as the problem, something wrong with me. Arleen Lorrance who? Maybe this is #ustoo. Ebi, are you talking about helping those harmed by psychiatry? If they catch you trying to “escape” they’ll drag you back to the loony bin, drug you more than ever, and attribute your worsened state to decompensation. I agree with you there Oldhead. I read it, and read comments. Rizzo, largely because of MOVE, was gone by the day in 1981 when Mumia was attacked and shot as he ran towards the scene of his brother being beaten by the same cop, who was then shot and killed by the passenger in Mumia’s brother’s car. I understand today’s rape covering up industry is a multibillion dollar, medical/religious “dirty little secret” rape covering up system.